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Welcome to the world of Paranormal Science.  It is said that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” and that’s one of our catch phrases here.  We seek to take the role of the “true skeptic”.  We research, investigate, and base our conclusions on the empirical evidence when possible.  This site seeks to become a clearing house for what we know as well as a collaboration tool for scientific researchers both professional and otherwise.

We currently have in operation:

At this time, anyone who wants to contribute may create an account and comment, but there will be some moderation to keep things on topic and running according to the ideas above.  Please feel free to register for an account for this site to add your input.  We hope to make this truly a great site through team effort.

Future plans include forming a research & investigation team which can be mobilized to investigate claims and document their investigation.  We hope to have forthcoming publications including a peer reviewed journal.  These will, of course. require funding and we’ll be working on that as well.

Bookmark this page and return often as we hope to gather what we know and explore the unexplained.

Paranormal Science has recently received the Club Psience award for “scientific excellence in the Paranormal Community”!

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