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Hey there.  My name is Brian and I’m the founder of this new site/group/organisation.  I figure this might be a good time and place to lay out my personal philosophy on the subject of what I hope to do here and see if anyone is interested.

First off, let’s get one thing out in the open: I’m a skeptic who has experienced things I cannot explain with the current state of science as I understand it. I have seen what are called “full bodied apparitions” and I have experienced such things as deja-vu and other phenomena.  I’m pretty sure that there are things out there such as ghosts, but what they are…. I do not have a sound theory.  Traditionally, “spirits of the dead” is one theory, but this lacks any scientific basis.  We don’t know that the living or the dead even have spirits, let alone any idea of what a spirit might be.  Thus, I see a serious lack of good, hard science.  I see a hole in scientific theory that could use a little (!) research to patch up.

What we *do* have is an abundance of human experience — a large array of anecdotal evidence which could use some objective evidence to clear up.  This is where I see ParanormalScience.org to come in.  We’ve all seen or at least heard of the various TV shows purporting to investigate various anomalous phenomena, whether it be “In Search of…” from the distant past or the “Ghost Hunters” of today and it’s spin-offs and similar shows.  Many of these I find entertaining, but I’m not interested in being entertained.  I’m interested in getting to the bottom of what is happening.  I’m interested in the scientific exploration of the boundaries and the anomalies.  I’m interested in the objective investigation of these phenomena.

The inspiration for this site was a few friends who expressed dismay that so-called professional investigators (on TV in this case) were so well funded and granted access to such wonderful sites and equipment, and yet at the slightest bump in the night, ran screaming.  Very unprofessional.  I’ve seen reports of supposed electromagnetic anomalies reported while the EMF meter was being held in the same hand as an electronic audio recorder!  The worst part was that this was done by one of the better investigators on one of the better TV series. (For the record: I noticed it done by Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters during their Portsmouth Lighthouse episode.)  These are details that should be noticed and dealt with.

I’m interested in solid research and clean investigations.  There is already much out there that most of the public never sees.  Research into micro-psychokinesis, remote viewing, various forms of “psychic” healing, precognition, retrocognition, pre-sentiment, etc. have a good, solid basis including peer-reviews, independent corroboration, and statistical models.

It is my hope that this site can become both a clearinghouse for the research that has been done as well as a collaboration tool for the research that is being done.  This site is for both the professional and lay researchers: those with and without credentials who take this research seriously and seek to find out what is really happening.

This is the beginning.  I’d like to urge anyone with an interest in the scientific side of things to register for an account in both this site and the members area and begin to form the discussions and post useful information.  Once things get going, I hope to establish a peer reviewed journal where the results may be published and scrutinized.

So sign up and jump right in!  Welcome aboard.

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