Research Summaries


In this section will be summaries of prominent research, catalogued by topic.  When we have significant information on each of these, they will get their own link.

Cryptozoology: What animals might be out there but are lacking accepted scientific classification or study? There are many known animals which were once the subject of this debate including the giant squid and the mountain gorilla.

Experimenter Effects: Can the expectation of the researcher(s) cause efects on the outcome of an experiement?  It seems so.  Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has several papers on the importance of double blind testing here.

Ghosts: Observed for millennia and the subject of popular entertainment throughout the ages, what do we really know about the phenomena we call ghosts? Surprisingly, very little.

Healing: Do techniques such as prayer, magick, Reiki, touch therapy, or even just good thoughts from others actually work?

Infra-Sound: What are the effects of extremely low frequency sound on the human physiology?

Orbs: While many in the paranormal community still claim “orbs” are evidence of paranormal activity, the real science consistently shows that they are nothing more than particulate matter causing a perfectly normal photographic anomaly.  Nothing paranormal here.  Two great articles are posted by the OKCGC and Par.Science.

Poltergeists: Malevolent spirits, recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis, fraud, or something else?

Presentiment: Can you experience an emotion before the triggering event?  Research by Dr. Dean Radin says yes.

Psychokinesis: Can the mind really have a direct effect over matter?

Sense of Being Stared at: Is it really true that people can sense when someone is staring at them?  Yes, says recent research.  One of the scientists studying this is Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.  His work on this topic may be found here.

Spirits & Souls: Is there more to life than the physical body?  While Dr. Duncan MacDougall’s work found some indication of a weight loss of 21 grams at the time of death, a subsequent study by another researcher found different results in animals.  More research is definitely needed here.

Telepathy: Can minds communicate directly without normal sensory stimulus?

If you have suggestions pointing to further information please feel free to contact us to get it added here.

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